YouAdMe: Make money through your creativity

If you are looking for opportunity to generate money, you need look no further than YouAdMe. The purpose of the mobile app, made for the Cambodian market, is to turn the user into a product promoter.

So how does it work? Local companies and stores register as a ‘brand’ on the media tech platform for users – with healthy audiences – to then market the brand they like. These users then earn money through the promotion. Here’s our review of the app:
Attractive design:

The design is a core component of any successful mobile application, and YouAdMe gets it right. A lot of investment has clearly gone into the design and the primary colour of mint has a pleasing unisex appeal. With different designs popping up when you check from one tab to another, the app doesn’t get boring, so it will certainly appeal to the younger user (and the young at heart!)

User experience:

OK, setting up your account takes a few steps, but the fact that you can earn money makes it worth it. You supply details for where the cash you earn should be transferred and then decide on which brands you want to promote. The campaigns of the companies are on the Home page, along with their guidelines and requirements. It will help you understand the brand’s target audience before you create your post to send to your followers.

A wealth of choice:

YouAdMe boasts a huge amount of choice, including fashion, food and drink, beauty, family, gaming, housing, lifestyle, events, sports, technology and travel. So you will be able to promote whatever you’re passionate about. Before your post goes live, a reviewer from the brand will need to approve it. So it’s in your interest to follow their brand guideline requirements or risk being declined. However, a strong image with a catchy caption usually does the trick.

Generate money:

Making money through the YouAdMe is easy, and don’t worry if you don’t have your own bank account or credit card. The app understands the Cambodian financial system and has simplified the process. Once your post is verified by the campaign owner, they will then transfer money to your Wing account. It’s that easy.

Check out the link here!


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