Singapore Founders Unveil Cambodia’s Largest Art Gallery

Singaporean founders Bernard Teo (left) and Chai Zhi Ying (right) are thrilled to announce the inauguration of Angkor Art Gallery, the largest art gallery in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Spanning 5000 square feet, the gallery aims to provide a platform for local and international artists to showcase and sell their artwork.

The founders, also behind the successful social commerce platform YouAdMe, launched the Angkor Art movement to support local artists in selling their artwork through the platform and foster collaborations with renowned regional brands last year.

Since its opening in April this year, the gallery has attracted thousands of daily visitors, indicating a high demand for local art. Moreover, the venue functions as a vibrant community space for art enthusiasts to engage in various art activities organised by the founders.

With Cambodia recognised as one of the seven wonders of the world, the gallery aims to promote the country’s artistic heritage and contribute to its cultural landscape.

Teo and Chai, art school graduates from Singapore, embrace Cambodia’s rich art legacy. With its global recognition, Cambodia’s tourism industry is set to attract more visitors. Angkor Art Gallery empowers local artists to showcase their exceptional talent and enrich the country’s cultural landscape.

The founders extend a warm invitation to all Cambodian artists and local businesses to collaborate and work together to elevate Cambodia’s art scene and enhance the traction in tourism. By showcasing Cambodia’s aweinspiring artistic heritage, the Angkor Art Gallery aims to boost the economy and fervently promote the country’s remarkable arts and culture.

For more Information about Angkor Art Gallery and their groundbreaking Initiatives, please contact or +855 (0)70760627.


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