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YouAdMe, a specialized business consultancy, focuses on affiliate and multichannel distribution, particularly in Southeast Asia’s consumer sector.

Our mission is to guide businesses through market entry challenges and ensure long-term sustainability. With a vast network spanning Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore, comprising over 10,000 distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and 250,000 affiliate resellers, we facilitate seamless market entry and enduring success.

Leveraging our expertise in consumer behavior across online and offline platforms, we provide tailored support services, including market research, customer identification, partnerships, matchmaking, incubation, lead generation, and more.

With over 20 years of experience, our core team offers cutting-edge solutions for digital-era market entry, establishing a robust business network and marketer community in Southeast Asia.

What we offer

YouAdMe facilitates business development across Southeast Asia by offering specialized expertise in affiliate marketing and multichannel distribution. With a focus on the consumer sector, we navigate market entry challenges, leveraging a vast network of distributors, retailers, and affiliates to ensure seamless expansion and enduring success.

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Market Research

Involves gathering and analyzing information about consumers, competitors, and the overall market to make informed business decisions.

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Go To Market Strategy

Devises a plan for introducing and promoting a product or service, ensuring effective market entry and sustainable growth.

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Competitor Analysis

Assesses rivals in a market, identifying strengths and weaknesses to inform strategic decision-making and gain a competitive advantage.

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Sourcing Distributors

Locate and establish partnerships with distributors to efficiently and effectively supply products or services in specific markets, streamlining the distribution process.

Business Matching

Connect compatible businesses, fostering partnerships and collaborations to enhance mutual growth and synergies in targeted markets.

Exhibition & Tradeshows

Organize events for businesses to showcase products, network, and engage with industry professionals, fostering brand visibility and market presence.

Affiliate Marketing

Enable businesses to partner with individuals or entities (affiliates) who promote products, earning commissions on sales generated through their marketing efforts.

Market Immersion Program

Provide a comprehensive experience for businesses to deeply understand and adapt to new markets, facilitating successful entry and growth strategies.

Mr Chase Woo

YouAdMe’s innovative affiliate marketing strategy has been instrumental in introducing and selling Aries Gold watches in Cambodia. Their deep understanding of the local market and proactive approach have driven tangible results for us. We’re grateful for their expertise and look forward to continued success together.

Mr. Ben Liew

In just 6 months, YouAdMe secured an exclusive distributorship for Sumco in Cambodia, accelerating our market entry. Their expertise and efficiency were instrumental in establishing our presence swiftly. We're grateful for their support and look forward to future success together.

Clarice Chew

Crexendo extends sincere thanks to YouAdMe for expertly bridging the gap between our products and local markets in Cambodia and the Philippines. Their deep understanding of cultural nuances and strategic marketing approach have been instrumental in positioning our brand effectively. We appreciate their professionalism and commitment to excellence, and look forward to continued success together.

Our Credentials

Over 20 export promotion agencies and industry associations from around the world refer their companies to us for market research and business matching projects in Southeast Asia. We gather market intelligence for these companies or help them find distributors, resellers or manufacturers’ reps in the region.


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