Business Consultancy Services

Customise Market Research

YouAdMe supports clients entering new foreign markets by leveraging its 25 years of experience and extensive presence in Southeast Asia. We specialize in custom B2B market research, conducting over 1,000 analyses across diverse industries. Our direct presence in key ASEAN markets enables comprehensive research, combining secondary and primary methods, including expert interviews. This approach provides clients with invaluable insights crucial for successful market entry, surpassing what traditional secondary research alone can offer.

Go To Market Strategy

We excels in supporting clients with a robust Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy, ensuring a successful market entry and sustainable growth. Our approach involves a meticulous analysis of your product or service, target audience, and market landscape. We tailor strategies to align with local nuances, considering consumer behavior, competition, and regulatory aspects. Leveraging our expertise in affiliate marketing and multichannel distribution, we devise a customized plan to maximize your market reach. Our services encompass comprehensive market research, identifying key opportunities and challenges, and implementing strategic initiatives to optimize your GTM plan. Through collaborative partnerships, we guide you in navigating the complexities of diverse markets within Southeast Asia, ultimately enhancing your brand visibility and accelerating your business development.

Market Immersion Program

We aids clients through the Market Immersion Program by providing a comprehensive experience for deep market understanding. Leveraging our expertise and extensive network in Southeast Asia, we guide businesses in adapting to new markets effectively. This program ensures a thorough understanding of local dynamics, minimizing risks, and facilitating successful market entry and growth strategies.

Competitor Analysis

YouAdMe provides thorough assistance to clients through our Competitor Analysis service when entering a new market. Our process involves a comprehensive examination of competitors in the target market, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We meticulously analyze market trends, pricing strategies, product positioning, and customer feedback to gain actionable insights. Leveraging this data, we develop strategies to position your business competitively. Our Competitor Analysis service goes beyond mere observation; it informs decision-making, allowing you to capitalize on competitors’ weaknesses and differentiate your offerings effectively. This detailed analysis empowers our clients to make informed decisions, adapt their approach, and gain a strategic edge in the new market landscape.

Sourcing Distributors

YouAdMe plays a pivotal role in assisting clients with Sourcing Distributors, ensuring a streamlined and efficient supply chain for their products or services. Our approach involves identifying and establishing partnerships with reliable distributors in the target market. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of market demands, logistics, and distribution networks. Leveraging our extensive network, we connect clients with reputable distributors, facilitating mutually beneficial collaborations. Our team navigates negotiations, agreements, and logistical considerations to optimize the distribution process. This comprehensive service aims to enhance market penetration, reduce time-to-market, and improve overall distribution efficiency, ultimately contributing to the client’s business growth and success in the new market.

Business Matching

YouAdMe excels in assisting clients with Business Matching services, a crucial aspect when entering new markets. Our approach involves a meticulous analysis of client needs, industry requirements, and market dynamics. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we identify potential partners, collaborators, and stakeholders aligned with your business goals. Through strategic matchmaking, we facilitate meaningful connections, fostering mutually beneficial relationships. Our service goes beyond mere introductions; we actively guide clients through the partnership development process, ensuring compatibility and long-term success. This personalized approach to Business Matching enhances the likelihood of successful collaborations, accelerates market entry, and maximizes growth opportunities for our clients in the new market landscape.

Exhibition & Tradeshows

YouAdMe provides comprehensive support to clients participating in Exhibitions & Tradeshows, enhancing their visibility and networking opportunities. Our assistance begins with strategic planning, identifying relevant events, and tailoring participation based on client objectives. We manage logistics, from booth design to promotional materials, ensuring a compelling presence. During events, we facilitate engagement with potential partners, customers, and industry professionals. Post-event, we analyze feedback and metrics to gauge success. This end-to-end approach ensures clients make a significant impact at exhibitions and tradeshows, fostering brand recognition, networking, and business development in the target market.