YouAdMe Launches New App for Businesses to Connect with Cambodian Social Shoppers

Bernard Teo, Founder, Group Chairman & CEO of YouAdMe Co., Ltd. . Supplied

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Social commerce startup YouAdMe has just launched an upgraded version of its mobile app in Cambodia that connects businesses with consumers through product reviews and affiliate marketing. Earlier in January 2022, the latest app release was made available to a small group of users for beta testing. It is now open to all Cambodian consumers and businesses.

The revamped YouAdMe app features three important upgrades: shoppable social media content, an e- commerce marketplace, and trackable leads and conversions, taking brand loyalty and advocacy to the next level. On the new app, users turn into brand affiliates— promoting the brands that they love on social media in return for commissions, giving brands access to valuable consumer insights and exposure to a wider audience.

Manu Rajan, CEO of Wing Money (Cambodia) Plc. Supplied

YouAdMe first released a beta app in Cambodia in 2018, starting out as a self-service marketplace where brand owners can connect with creative content creators and incentivize fans for the innovative content they generate for their favorite products and services. In the same year, it won multiple awards including the ASEAN PitchFest 2018 in Cambodia, finished Top 10 in the ASEAN SME FinTech Awards, and represented Cambodia at the Singapore FinTech Festival as an innovative fintech solution that is made for the future of digital connectivity.

However, as both the traditional retail landscape and the emerging e-commerce environment were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, YouAdMe quickly responded to the real and urgent need of businesses—to connect with their audience as well as to continue to achieve sales and growth. Ramping up efforts to build its collaborative community, YouAdMe’s number of users more than doubled, growing from about 100,000 during its first launch to about 300,000 during the pandemic. Over 500 affiliate campaigns were created, and about  $250,000 of commission payouts were rewarded to consumers- turned-brand-affiliates for the successful leads and conversions generated from their in-app content. Brands that became merchant partners on YouAdMe thrived as existing brand connections were strengthened and new ones formed on the app, thanks to YouAdMe’s inventive system that has highly involved users sharing and recommending products and services in Cambodia to their social networks.

Shoppable Social Media Content. Supplied

Manu Rajan, CEO of Wing Money (Cambodia) Plc and Member of the Board of YouAdMe Co., Ltd., said: “The development of affiliate marketing businesses within Cambodia contributes to the continued enrichment of the economy and drives financial inclusion by providing Cambodians with more opportunities to generate an income.”

Wing Money (Cambodia) Plc has been YouAdMe’s strongest partner since 2019. Wing Money (Cambodia) Plc’s exclusive partnership with YouAdMe and strategic investment has helped to propel YouAdMe’s growth and amplify the app’s impact and influence. Not only is the group’s seamless virtual shopping platform, WingMall, directly integrated into the YouAdMe platform, users of the app can also cash out earnings from affiliate marketing using Wing Account. In addition, to bring greater value to Cambodian consumers, YouAdMe is partnering up with regional esports gaming, home appliances and fashion brands to introduce new products and services into the local market. Bernard Teo, CEO and Co-founder of YouAdMe Co., Ltd., is confident that his growing platform is the most agile approach a new business can take to expand into Cambodia: “What we offer regional brand partners is a ready marketplace that paves a smooth and strategic entry into the Cambodian market. We match your products and services to the right pool of affiliates and their networks. Our platform’s onboarding process is simple: once you set up a storefront, you can manage affiliate marketing campaigns, evaluate social content, reward followers and advocates, and, most importantly, get sales!”

Everyone can advertise & sell in YouAdMe. Supplied

“As the social commerce and e-commerce businesses continue to grow in popularity among Cambodians, platforms such as YouAdMe will be another catalyst that helps merchants reach out to a broader variety of customers in Cambodia,” added Manu. “So far, our collaboration with YouAdMe has led us to achieve great results and we are looking forward to our continued collaboration and watching the company expand in Cambodia.”

YouAdMe is set to revolutionize social commerce in Cambodia as it remains committed to helping businesses grow in an age where the Internet has upended how brands can stay relevant and engage with consumers. To join YouAdMe for continued growth and success, please contact

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