Maximize Your YouAdMe Experience: Earning Points on YouAdMe

Help the community through your authentic reviews about brands, products, and services. By sharing about what you love, you can help potential customers make a decision when deciding to buy a product or avail of a service. Using the app not only helps others; it can also reward you with perks, such as points that you can turn into cash or vouchers.

There are several ways to do this on the YouAdMe platform.

How to Earn Points?

Posts on YouAdMe are written by brand advocates such as yourselves who can lend support and credibility to a brand’s products and services through campaign posts. This is different from the regular posts, which you can create on the app as well.

Let’s delve into how the two differ and how you can create your own.

Regular Posts

Regular posts are essentially social media posts where users can share about their daily lives and brands they want to talk about. Writing regular posts is a good way to get more followers. The more followers a user has, the better the chances of earning reward points and even becoming a brand ambassador.

Campaign Posts

Meanwhile, campaign posts are geared towards promoting a brand’s campaign activities and tagging products within the campaign. You can earn reward points when your post is approved and when you refer a successful sale from your tagged products. All reward points are transferred to your digital wallet. Users can join campaigns through the mobile app by clicking on “Shops” and then “Advertise Me.”

Keep in mind that campaign posts are subject to review before they can be credited reward points. Once you hit a minimum balance from qualified campaign posts, you have the option to withdraw points in the form of cash or use it to purchase products in the YouAdMe shop in-app.

When joining campaigns, you are encouraged to be creative with your content while keeping in mind the guidelines for each campaign. Play and experiment with photos, graphic design, videos, animation, and catchy captions for social media. It’s a big plus if you can make the audience laugh!

For the dos and don’ts of posting for campaigns, you can check under the campaign’s description.

Product posts, which consist of reviews or recommendations, require a minimum of 50 characters to be accepted. YouAdMe has easy-to-follow steps to share a product post: tag the brand’s location as well as the product or service you are reviewing. Click the Up arrow and select up to five images or a video of up to 10 seconds. Then, click “Submit Post” and wait for it to be approved. Once it is approved, you will be notified of the points credited to your digital wallet.

You can check how many reward points you have accumulated by going to “Profile” and selecting “Wallet”. As mentioned, you can withdraw these rewards as cash once a minimum digital wallet balance is reached.

Rewards can also be used to make purchases by clicking on “Shops,” choosing a campaign category, and choosing a brand’s online store. Clicking on “Shop Now” will lead to a merchant’s external website or a merchant’s storefront within YouAdMe. Vouchers earned can also be used for purchases.

Start Posting to Start Earning!

Some tips to take note of when creating product posts: Keep your posts honest and accurate so that other users can benefit from your review of products and services. A post can be rejected if the images or videos are of low quality or have nothing to do with the product.

They can also be rejected if they contain abusive or vulgar language, are considered distasteful, or if it contains sensitive or personal information.