Finding Your Voice and Your Niche Online

Establishing yourself as a credible content creator whom people trust requires finding your own voice. To stand out in the arena of social media influencers, you need to discover what niche or specialized field you want to focus on. The expertise you have in that niche, together with the voice you use, forms and later cements the personality that becomes associated with you and/or your brand.

Here, we illustrate some tips that can help you figure out what niche and voice is right for you.

Think about what your passions and interests are. Just like the old adage, “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” But more than that, you learn and retain much more when you are interested in a topic or subject. So much so that with consistent and continuous learning, you may even become an expert. The best social media influencers sound the most genuine and authentic when they post about the things they love and the topics they are most interested in

Here are some questions to ask yourself when finding out what you are interested in and passionate about: What do you like doing in your spare time? What websites do you normally visit? Is there a topic that people turn to you for to learn more? A good tip would be to write these things down. You may find connections that weren’t initially apparent, but make so much sense in relation to the niche you want to pursue.

Know where you are needed. After identifying where you can contribute, it’s now time to find out where you can be heard and the communities where your opinions will be valuable. Check out apps like YouAdMe, which continually seek out creators to provide fresh, exciting reviews on everything – from food and beverage, groceries, lifestyle, and wellness.

Set yourself apart from the rest. How to be a good influencer? Even in a specialized field, you will have competitors. It is best to identify what makes you unique. Is it your thorough research? Your wit? Your humor? Your appealing visuals? Look back on your favorite online celebs and review why you follow their content. This can provide you with insight on how to create your own content.

Finding a viable niche is half the battle. Finding your own voice is the other half.

Know your voice. Presenting yourself online as a legitimate content creator requires a degree of harmony with your visuals, strategy, and content. Voice is an aspect of content, an important one, as it encompasses social media posts, blog posts, and any other form of communication. Examine your current voice to determine if it is effective in engaging with your community and brand partners, present and future.

Identify your target audience. It is very important that your visuals and interesting captions speak the language of your audience. Ask yourself: Who do I want to interact with and why would they want to connect with me? Your communication style should fit with your target demographic so you can successfully communicate with them.

How to be a good influencer? In summary, a clear, distinct voice and a niche is necessary for your success as a content creator. These can help build an authentic social media presence to attract real, interested followers and brand partners who share your values.