YouAdMe Brings Businesses to Cambodia in Partnership with Enterprise Singapore

On January 13, 2023, YouAdMe held a seminar in partnership with Enterprise Singapore, a government agency championing enterprise development that works with Singaporean businesses to upgrade capabilities, drive innovation, and ease their entry into overseas markets.

The seminar was held at Enterprise Singapore’s headquarters in Bugis Junction Office Tower.

To kick off the seminar, Enterprise Singapore executive director Juan Tiang Kow gave his outlook on Cambodia as a country with vast potential in the Southeast Asian region. He drew comparisons between his experiences in the country many years ago and recently, and remarked on Cambodia’s commendable progression in this fast-changing world.

Following the welcome speech, YouAdMe CEO Bernard Teo shared his insights into expanding into Cambodia, backed by four years’ experience and expertise in penetrating the market with the company’s award-winning YouAdMe social commerce platform.

Teo talked about how the Cambodian people have been quick to embrace technology to keep pace with global trends. He also shared with attendees how the YouAdMe platform can connect their business to a vast, already established network of Cambodian affiliates to promote and sell to millions of their followers. 

YouAdMe's Chief Commercial Officer sharing about social commerce scene in Cambodia.

The two-and-a-half-hour seminar was attended by representatives from companies renowned in their industry including leading TCM health and wellness company Eu Yan Sang; one of the largest TCM companies in Southeast Asia, Wen Ken Group; award-winning skincare brand Suu Balm’s owner, Good Pharma Dermatology; cutting-edge designer furniture brand Commune Lifestyle; and Asian retail specialist Norbreeze Group.


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