YouAdMe x Angkor Art

Launched in June 2022 by social commerce platform YouAdMe, the Angkor Art movement aims to promote Cambodian art through physical-virtual exhibitions complemented by a series of offline activities. Angkor Art connects artists and art lovers in today’s hybrid industry and, expanding its influence across Cambodia through partnerships with Capri by Fraser and Prince Huan Yu Mall, aims to have at least 200 local artists and over 5000 artworks on its platform by 2023.

Past Activities

In 2022, YouAdMe has organised a series of art-related events including workshops and competitions to bring artists and art lovers together.

Partnership Opportunities

Gallery Management – If you’re a retail space looking to set up a pop-up/semi-permanent art gallery or add an art-centric element to your store design to enhance your visitors’ shopping experience, we can recommend, curate and supply artworks based on your theme, customer profile and requirements.

Exhibition Space – If you’re looking for a space to host an exhibition, we can design and set up an ideal venue be it for an intimate gathering or a larger crowd.

Event Organisation – If you’re looking to organise an event, we can customise a proposal that suits your needs be it an art appreciation night, a networking conference or a team-building workshop.

If you’re an artist, join our platform to share your artworks with an international audience.
If you’re an art collector, choose from a curated list of local artworks on our platform or contact us to commission specific artworks.
If you would like to support local artists, find out how you can get involved in our series of online and offline activities.

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