YouAdMe Celebrates 4th Anniversary with Cambodia Team and Top Merchants

On July 20, 2022, YouAdMe held a get-together with its 30-strong Cambodian team as well as the social commerce platform’s top 20 merchants in the “Khmer Online Shop” category this year to celebrate its fourth anniversary at a local joint.

Group photo of YouAdMe’s Cambodian team.

YouAdMe was established in Cambodia on July 17, 2018 with a founding team of three, and finally expanding to a team of 30 today. It has come a long way since its early stage, and its fourth anniversary celebration where 50 people gathered to drink a toast to YouAdMe’s steady and purposeful growth honours the founding team’s entrepreneurial vision, the creativity and relentless efforts of the entire team throughout the past few years, and the mutually beneficial partnership with local merchants that are committed to grow with YouAdMe.

The three-hour celebration started with a speech by Lei Guannan, Country Manager of YouAdMe Cambodia, where she discussed YouAdMe’s endurance and growth in the face of hardships posed by the pandemic.

“This is the first time we are celebrating YouAdMe’s anniversary—it is especially meaningful because we survived two years of COVID-19 by revamping our platform’s initial campaign model to the current social commerce model,” said Guannan. “The YouAdMe team looks forward to continuously helping local merchants grow their business, and also thank all merchants on the YouAdMe platform for supporting us and growing with us.”

Lei Guannan, Country Manager of YouAdMe Cambodia, cutting YouAdMe’s 4th anniversary cake.

Following Guannan’s speech, Muyhour Lao, Business Development Manager of YouAdMe Cambodia, gave a presentation where she addressed the merchants that have been invited to the anniversary celebration and spoke on their experiences with YouAdMe so far. Lao also shared additional features that merchants can benefit from on the YouAdMe platform including affiliate marketing, encouraging merchants to engage with fans and customers more meaningfully to turn them into brand ambassadors or affiliates.

Bernard Teo, CEO and Co-founder of YouAdMe, cutting YouAdMe’s 4th anniversary cake.

The presentation was followed by dinner and then a cake-cutting session that Bernard Teo, CEO and Co-founder of YouAdMe, initiated. In honour of the team efforts that have contributed to YouAdMe’s success today, all members of the team took turns cutting the cake and enjoyed individual and group photo sessions.

Lucky winners posing for a group photo with their gifts.

In the last hour of the celebration, the YouAdMe team and all merchants took part in games where everyone stood the chance to win 30 gifts sponsored by the merchants. Most people went home with a memento that would always remind them of this meaningful occasion, and others a fond memory of it.

YouAdMe thanks its team and business partners for its growth and success, and looks forward to more anniversary celebrations to come.


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