St. Andrew’s Secondary School Explores Digital Innovation and Sustainability with YouAdMe 

In an insightful seminar titled “Behind the Big Ideas”, YouAdMe Cambodia played host to forty students from St. Andrew’s Secondary School, Singapore on May 31, 2023, at the YouAdMe office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The two-hour seminar, part of the students’ overseas learning journey, was not only an exploration of digital innovation but also a unique look into the entrepreneurial journey of Singaporeans venturing into emerging markets, a lesson particularly significant for the young minds in attendance.

The seminar was led off by Bernard Teo, founder, group chairman, and CEO of YouAdMe Group. A musician and producer turned innovative entrepreneur, Bernard shared the backstory of YouAdMe, offering a window into his inventive process. He discussed the changing landscape of the advertising industry, where traditional ad campaigns have lost their appeal to an audience who often can’t wait for the ‘Skip Ad’ button on online platforms.

Bernard then described how he identified this industry-wide issue and innovatively reframed it into an opportunity, laying the foundations for YouAdMe. His insights into affiliate marketing and word-of-mouth campaigns, seen as the future of marketing, offered the students a fresh perspective on the rapidly evolving world of advertising.

Continuing the conversation, Chai Zhi Ying, co-founding member and CCO of YouAdMe Group, shared their reasons for choosing Cambodia as their launchpad. She spotlighted the vibrancy of the Cambodian youth and their active social media engagement, pointing out that unlike traditional e-commerce patterns, Cambodians are more inclined towards social selling, indicating a compelling shift in market dynamics that YouAdMe capitalised on.

Zhi Ying also underlined the importance of agility in overcoming the challenges they faced while initiating the business in a less familiar environment. From cultural and language barriers to disruptive events such as a pandemic, the YouAdMe team was able to navigate and emerge successful due to their adaptability and resilience.

Dara Pun, Product Manager at YouAdMe Cambodia, capped off the presentation with a discussion on the importance of user experience and product design, encouraging students to apply these concepts not only in technology but also in any future business ventures.

Throughout the seminar, the students displayed keen interest and actively engaged with the speakers with a series of thoughtful questions, touching upon the learning points from Cambodians, the investment required to start a business, and YouAdMe’s most significant achievements. The queries provided a glimpse into the curious and analytical minds of the students, while each response provided the young minds with a more nuanced understanding of the realities of starting and running a successful business in an emerging market.

The YouAdMe team was honoured to be selected as the learning destination for St. Andrew’s this year, and they were equally inspired by the students’ enthusiasm to understand how Singaporeans are making a difference in emerging markets.

This seminar underscored YouAdMe’s commitment to education and fostering innovation in young minds. It proved to be not only a unique opportunity for the students to learn about digital innovation but also an encouraging moment for YouAdMe to interact with the next generation of innovators and disruptors—a generation that will undoubtedly shape the future of our digital world.

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