First of all, you need to download the app. After that, click on “LOGIN AS CONSUMER” and sign in with your Facebook account. Then fill in phone number and save your information.

Click on “CAMPAIGN” at the bottom left. Then select a campaign that you like, carefully follow the listed requirements and submit your review.

You can submit as many reviews as you like. However, only the best quality posts will be selected by the brand.

By submitting high-quality and creative posts you stand a higher chance of being approved and rewarded by the brand. Just note that all the requirements listed in the campaign are followed, otherwise your post may not be selected.

You can go to our Facebook page or website and click ‘community’ to see the posts of our winners and learn from them. Another important thing is to carefully follow the “DOs” and “DON’Ts” from the campaign details when submitting your reviews, otherwise, your post could be disqualified. YouAdMe also regularly conducts training seminars to improve the quality of posts generated by YouAdMe members. Stay up to date through our Facebook page for the latest news regarding our upcoming seminars.

You will be notified via the YouAdMe app that your post has been approved. Once it is approved, there will be a SHARE button underneath your post. Carefully follow the instructions to share on your Facebook account using the same caption and photo.

When your post is approved, you will see the amount of money credited in your YouAdMe profile. After your post is publicly listed online for 30 days on Facebook, we will credit the money to your Wing account.

After the pending period for each reward is concluded, e.g. 30 days, the credit will automatically be transferred to your Wing account as long as you have provided your Wing account details.

YouAdMe is proud to be partnered with Wing, therefore a Wing Account is required for all transactions.

Please send any issue with your Wing account directly to Wing. After your issue has been resolved, please inform us. We will send you your money reward.

There is no deadline for converting your YouAdMe point to cash. You can choose to keep it and spend through our approved vendors or withdraw it right away.

The Referral Code enables us to track how many users you have asked to download the YouAdMe app. When you ask other people to download and they sign up using your Referral Code, you are rewarded through YouAdMe into your YouAdMe account. For further information about our referral program and the rewards, please contact YouAdMe directly.

Point represents your activities on the app. It represents how active you are using the app. The more active you are, the increment of the point.


First of all, you have to download the app. Then, click on “LOGIN AS BRAND” and provide the necessary information to complete the sign-up process. Make sure to fill out all the required information.

As YouAdMe aims to maximize marketing outreach for partnering brands products and services at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, YouAdMe is not charging brands any fee for the campaigns they run on YouAdMe.

Once your profile has been created, you are able to create your campaign directly after logging in. YouAdMe will then check your campaign details and approve your campaign.

A CAMPAIGN COVER is the picture that will be displayed as the banner for your campaign and will appear in the in the CAMPAIGN FEED. CAMPAIGN BENCHMARKS are 1-5 pictures that will provide visual examples of the submissions you wish to receive for your campaign.

Hashtags are not a mandatory requirement for your campaign. If you include hashtags in your campaign, you will be able to track the submissions easily after they have been posted.

This is where you can link to your website, Facebook or any other webpage you wish to direct consumers if they are interested in knowing more about your Brand.

Upon submission of a campaign, our brand management team would review and get back within 3 working days. Approved campaigns will automatically go live.

All submissions for each campaign can be seen through the SUBMISSIONS tab in the CAMPAIGN DETAILS screen. Here you can see all Consumer submissions.

Make sure you have provided clear details regarding the nature of the campaign and the type of content you wish to receive in the DOs and DON’Ts sections. In addition, providing a larger reward per consumer will attract more posts and higher quality posts as people compete for the reward.

No amendments are allowed once the submitted campaign is approved and gone live. It would be accessible to all consumers. If you have any concerns, please contact the YouAdMe team directly.

Yes, you are welcome to do so. Multiple campaigns can run at the same time.

The minimum reward amount per consumer review is USD$1. The review amount will reflect on the quality of the content.

No, all reward payments to the consumer do not include withholding tax. Brands need to perform the appropriate tax declaration as required.

You can make deposit into YouAdMe’s Wing account in the following ways:
- Transfer from your Wing account to the YouAdMe Wing account (No. 02680296) and state your brand code.
- Deposit at any Wing Xpress outlet to YouAdMe Wing account (No. 02680296) and state your brand code.