YouAdMe is a web/app platform that integrates social media & e-commerce, converting loyal consumers into brand affiliates. Consumer affiliates are rewarded for content posts promoting the brands they love while brands gain access to valuable consumer insights and exposure to a wider audience. YouAdMe provides e-commerce value through tagged products in content posts which other users can purchase directly within the YouAdMe platform. For every successful sale of tagged products in their creative post, consumer affiliates earn points that can be used to purchase products in-app or converted into cash.

Download the app via the App Store and Google Play Store.


  • Chrome
  • Firefox supported.
  • Edge browser


Mac OS

  • Chrome browser
  • Safari browser


Mobile App support info:

  • Android version 5 (Lollipop) and above
  • IOS version 10 and above

You may download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store. To sign-up from the web app, click Profile > Log In > Create Account. To sign-up on the mobile app, click Profile > Create New Account

Legal residents of Singapore, Cambodia, and the Philippines and individuals ages 18 and above may register.

Your name and mobile number will be needed.

You can access your account by logging into the web app or the mobile app with your mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your phone and you will need to type in the OTP inin order to log-in successfully.

The account is not transferable. One account per user per registered phone number.

Open the YouAdMe app; click post and share; and upload your post.

  1. Go to Shops, click on “Advertise Me” banner.
  2. Select a campaign by scrolling down the menu.
  3. Click “Create Post” and upload.

Note: Each post will be reviewed to determine if it qualifies for points.

Yes. Location is automatically detected if the app has location permission. To manually geo-tag, click “Change Location” and type the location of your choice.

Yes. Click “Add Product” and select the products you wish to tag.

You may check ongoing merchant campaigns on YouAdMe’s Facebook page, the in-app pop-up banners, campaign pages, and push notifications.

You may post under a brand campaign and once your post is approved, you earn points.

Points are as good as cash. They can be cashed out or used to redeem products in-app through our brand partners.

Your digital wallet must reach a minimum balance of 200 points before you can withdraw the points as cash. (NOTE: policy TBC as per GN)

Yes, you may do so by clicking on Shops > Brand Category Banner

Be active on the platform. Post a lot about the brands you like. The more posts you create that get approved, the better your chances to get to consumer affiliate status.

As a consumer affiliate, you have the privilege of promoting the products of our merchant partners by tagging them in your posts. Whenever someone purchases a product by clicking on the link on your post, you earn a commission for the successful purchase referral.

As a company that prioritizes your privacy, you can be assured that all your data is secured. You may read our full data privacy policy here: (NOTE: should be a diff privacy policy for SG and PH)