You Are The Voice of Today’s Marketing

“You bring the creativity, We bring the brands”

Have you been posting on social media regularly? Would you like to receive monetary incentives?

We make it happen here at Adme.

Find brands that you already know, use and love. Submit creative content or reviews to connect with them. Be Rewarded!

  1. Select a campaign

    Go to the campaign that interest you and follow the guideline to create your review in a creative manner to capture brands attention.

  2. Review is selected by Brand

    Notification will be made Adme app informing you of the approval to your review, share it on your social media and get paid.

  3. Utilising your rewards

    Make cash withdrawal or spend on our list of approved merchant to gain more points.


Get rewarded for your content/ review

Full Control

Choose the brands you know and love

Be Creative

Let your creativity do the talking

Make Connections

Connect to more people through your post

Budding Career

Build your way to becoming a marketeer