Tapping into Word-Of-Mouth

“Receive content crafted especially for you by customers”

AdMe treats brands as our partners. We believe brands should spend their time focusing on their business while we help you to get the message out to the masses.

Research shows that 74% of consumer buying decisions are affected by other reviews prior to making a purchase decision. Especially when the review is coming from a trusted source, we will help you to reach out to more potential customers effectively in the shortest time with word-of-mouth reviews.

  1. Create a campaign

    Create a campaign to promote your products or services in order to meet your marketing goal.

  2. Select the winning reviews

    Among all the reviews submitted by your customers, pick the reviews whereby their content suits your company marketing criteria.

  3. Make payment

    Effect the payment to wining review originator and the consumer would post on their social media which would be view by their friends and family. Let the reviews do their job in promoting your company.

Collaborative Marketing

Adding incentive to your consumers

Zero Risk

Only pay for the posts you love

Full Control

NOTHING gets published without your sign-off

Flexible Budget

Set your own budget


Consumers purchased your products for review

No Extra Charge

Connecting with customers directly at no fee